Massage Therapy

Types of Massage Therapy Treatment

shoulder massage
  • Swedish Massage full body treatment with focus on relaxation, circulation, and problem areas of muscle tightness and pain.
  • Therapeutic Massage specific to injuries or conditions: carpal tunnel, headache, low back pain, hunched shoulders, TMJ, Sciatica, limited ROM, IT band syndrome, edema, lymph drainage, circulation issues, postural issues, and respiratory issues.
  • Deep Tissue sports, treatment of adhesions, muscle pain, to improve circulation to specific muscles.

What to do Before and After Massage

  • Before Massage Arrive a few minutes early to fill-in your Health History Form. Chat with me regarding your overall health, specific conditions, injuries, surgeries, and expectations. Comment on your past massage experiences. I may need to assess your condition: show me the movements that cause pain or the limitations of range of motion.
  • During Massage You will be securely covered with linens, only specific areas are uncovered while treated. Each person accepts massage differently, so let me know if the pressure is too great or too little. Let me know if you are experiencing any sensations such as referred pain (pain travels to another location) or tingling in your body.
  • After Massage It is quite normal to experience sore muscles after a massage. A hot bath may aid in relieving soreness. Rest, and remember to drink plenty of water. Be sure to follow your Home Care advice – usually specific stretches.